We’re all familiar with the concept of keeping up with the Joneses. Many of us try to stay on top of trends and have the urge to splurge on nice houses, fancy cars, fabulous clothes, fine dining and travel. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live their best life during these times?

Growing up, I recall hearing some of the elders say, “Work hard for what you want.” Maybe you can relate. Have you ever been out shopping or browsing, and that one special thing catches your eye? It’s like this item speaks to your soul, and you must have it. You start to go back and forth in your head, debating whether you should get it or not. Then you decide and say, “Who am I kidding? I can afford it.”

Guess what? Maybe you’re right, and you can afford it. I don’t know about you, but when I started making more money and could afford things that I couldn’t in the past, that boosted my confidence. I had a sense of pride about it, too. There’s nothing like working hard and treating yourself.