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This spring, don’t forget to clean up your finances

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and many of us are preparing for spring cleaning. This is the time of year when we thoroughly scour our homes, declutter our closets, have yard sales and rearrange furniture.

Spring is a transformative season. Many feel happy and relieved during this period of renewal. There’s a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and freedom when you get things in your home structured and organized.

Managing your budget and those guilty pleasures

Growing up, many of us heard, “You can have whatever you want, as long as you work hard for it.” So, what does that mean? Does it mean find a good job, earn good money and then buy what you want? No, that’s not what it means — but that’s what many of us do or have done. This statement is saying, “Plan your money right, and use it wisely.”

Let’s talk about this plan — the budget. Your budget allows you
to direct your money toward your needs and wants. Our guilty pleasures is one area where we all spend our hard-earned money.

Emotions, money and the grace to handle both

You made a mistake – an expensive one. You are flooded with embarrassment, anger, disgust, guilt, sadness, or some combination thereof.

Are you a bad person for making a mistake? You probably feel that way, but the answer is no. If making a mistake made us all bad people, there would be no goodness in the world. How about an emotionally charged and impulsive financial mistake? The stakes are now higher, aren’t they? Now you must certainly be a bad person for behaving recklessly with your (or someone else’s) hard-earned money, right? Not necessarily.

Don’t wait till December to plan your holiday spending

Can you believe summer has ended and now we have to think about the holidays? Time has really escaped us, but if you start planning your holiday spending now, your money won’t quickly escape you.

Normally during the holidays, consumers excessively spend and carry loads of debt into the new year. Times have changed, and if you want your money to start looking better and working better for you, then you must implement new money habits.